Client Finance & Accounting Manager App for Chartered Accountants


React Native






Praneeth Reddy and Company Chartered Accountants is a chartered accounting firm specialized in corporate law based in Hyderabad, India.


  • An app to be provided to clients like the small and medium businesses to track their expenses, invoices, GST bills and basic accounting


We built a cross-platform application in React Native that works in Android and iOS that had options for business owner, accountant and an employee to manage the application with specific user role accesses. A basic user can create expenses and send it for approval.

An accountant can do basic accounting like reject or approve these requests, manage the cash inflows and outflows, manage the sales and purchases, manage the cash in-hand, etc. and a lot more. A business owner or the admin has the master access and can manage everything. The same features were built as a cloud app too.

Services Provided

  • Cross-platform mobile app development using React Native
  • Web development using Bootstrap & HTML/CSS/JS
  • Web backend using Laravel & PHP
  • User Experience Design