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Adventure Sports Systems and Timings Pvt. Ltd. is an established Indian company involved in organizing and managing sports events with international standard. They are the organizers of the events of International Table Tennis Federation, national and international level cycling, swimming and other sports competitions.


  • Mobile app to be used by the referees to control a match
  • Mobile app for both Android & iOS to track the live scores of table tennis tournaments
  • Website to exhibit the results/live score of the national Table Tennis championship events organized by the client across different states in India
  • Platform for live streaming of the matches


We developed a solution comprising of a website and two mobile applications. The first mobile app was in native android for the referees to handle an ongoing match. The whole system was developed keeping an eye on the complete rules of the Table Tennis. The app will automatically decide the serving, winner of each set etc. based on the data entered.

The second mobile app was developed in React Native. It kept track of fixture of each tournament. This app was used to track the scores of matches. The score will be stored in the database and fed to some algorithms that will generate the results. The scores and the results of tournaments can be stored in the database.

The website also had similar features. In addition, in case of live matches, the live video was made streamable. We can schedule the live streaming channels in advance. Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube were integrated to expand their reach in social media platforms.

Services Provided

  • Native Android Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive website with backend built in PHP Laravel
  • Game controlling mobile app in native android
  • Cross-platform mobile app in react native (Android & iOS) to track the score