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Regardless of its popularity, the word “Cloud Apps” is still a buzzword in the information technology industry. Cloud storage is an online space in which you can store, maintain and manage any data and can be accessed over the internet. Any user can upload their data and access it from any location and this is where the cloud applications come into the picture. A cloud app is an application that operates on cloud services. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Adobe creative, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Slack, etc are some of the popular cloud-based applications.

Empower Your Business with Cloud Application Development

A web application is a computer program that uses the web browser and web technologies to perform a task over the internet. The increase in the internet usage has influenced the way people run their business. This has led to the need for building apps which can be accessed from anywhere across the world with the help of the internet, without being installed to any hardware.

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Although web applications have every feature as that of their desktop counterparts, the wider range of accessibility takes it few steps ahead. web applications are usually coded in browser-supported languages such as JavaScript and HTML as these languages rely on the browser to render the program executable. Some of the applications are dynamic, requiring server-side processing. Others are completely static with no processing required at the server. Metric Tree Labs is one of the leading cloud app development company in Kerala, delivering cloud-based solutions on top cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Office365, and Google cloud.

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Our cloud developers at Metric Tree Labs are experts in providing a wide range of services like cloud migration, integration, custom cloud app architecture, cloud based mobile apps, and more. Looking for cloud services? Leave us a message to know how our cloud developers leverage the power of the cloud to deliver the best cloud apps for business.