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The latest approach in application product development is delivering services through cloud servers. For business owners, this model has opened up a vast array of opportunities.

By launching your service as a cloud application, you can sell to customers globally. Instead of having your local servers to run a legacy application, the cloud migration approach will reduce the infrastructure budgets of companies to a huge extent.

Cloud Application Development
Cloud Application Development

With properly developed cloud development infrastructures offered by Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google, and Microsoft, building your cloud application is now easier than ever before. While launching your cloud application, it is important to make sure that what you have developed is scalable.


At Metric Tree Labs, we help the client decide the cloud migration strategy with the following cloud services:

AWS cloud application development services

We are the experts in strategizing and architecting applications on top of AWS cloud services. AWS offers a lot of options for developers to work on top of their cloud application development infrastructure.

Cloud Application Development

AWS services that we commonly work with.

We work with our clients to understand their needs first and then create a cloud strategy that will suit their needs in cloud application development.

Custom cloud native application development services

Cloud Application Development

As far as the cloud servers available in the markets are concerned, there is no shortage of them. Understanding the client requirements, we provide cloud development and deployment support for other cloud platforms as well. Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc are the ones that we mainly work with.

Cloud migration services

Data loss, performance issues, etc are the major concerns of server admins while performing the data migrations or upgrading their server infrastructures to the cloud.

Cloud Application Development

We help businesses to migrate their data and upgrade to the cloud with ease with minimal downtime thereby causing no hindrance to their existing business.

Frequently asked questions

1What are some common cloud platforms for development?

 Some popular cloud platforms for development include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Each platform offers a variety of services and tools for developers to use, such as virtual machines, storage, and databases

2What are the benefits of using cloud application development?

Cloud application development provides several benefits such as scalability, flexibility, cost savings, and improved disaster recovery.

3What are the most common programming languages and frameworks used in cloud application development?

Some of the most common programming languages and frameworks used in cloud application development are JavaScript, Python, Node.js, PHP-Laravel etc.

4How can I ensure the security of my cloud-based application?

To ensure the security of your cloud-based application, you should implement security best practices such as encryption, regular security updates, and monitoring for suspicious activity. Additionally, choosing a reputable cloud provider (Eg: Metric Tree Labs)  with a strong security track record can also help.

5What are some best practices for cloud application development?

Some best practices for cloud application development include designing for scalability, implementing security best practices, utilising monitoring and performance metrics, and regularly testing and updating your application.

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