Dedicated MVP Development Services Company

The million dollar question that every business owner with any great idea keep asking themselves is whether the idea is good enough just for me or for the people he/she is targetting. Developing an MVP is the shortest way for startups to get their great idea to a working product. Developing your product, be it a website, web application or a mobile app according to what the market is demanding can be a daunting task. Getting feedback from the customers as early as you can, following their reactions about your product and knowing how likely they are to purchase your product are very crucial.

Smart startups and small businesses use Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as a starting point for making their product a successful one. As one of the leading MVP development companies in Kerala, we help startups with quick market entry and learn about the real user experience which in turn gives you an opportunity to access the potential of your product idea.

Changing the modern business with Minimum Viable Product

MVP is a strategy that lets business owners learn about their users with the help of a primitive and a perfectly working mobile application. Remember when you first used your favorite applications like WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram? When they were launched, they all looked so different from what they are today. These applications got better and better after getting in to the market over the years. Instagram didn’t have a story feature or Facebook didn’t have a marketplace when it was launched. Uber was a primitive application that allowed drivers to connect with their customers and eventually grew into to a multi-million dollar business by adding hundreds of features phase by phase.

How it works?

We know how important value add is to the users. We follow the lean startup methodology to provide value, minimizing development costs and using data to learn what users need. This is the process flow:

  1. Identify and understanding the requirements
  2. Determine the long term goal
  3. Conceptualize and develop an app that is of value to the end customer
  4. Continuous learning about the app by mapping users journey
  5. Re-engineer and relaunch the app

Benefits of Minimum Viable Product Development

  • Early To Market
    Launch your product early to the market, test your core set of features and gather user information.
  • Reduce Rework
    The best part about an MVP is that if rework is necessary, the amount of effort required is minimal. With the right amount of research, planning and supporting design MVP avoids unnecessary reworks.
  • Customer Relationships
    MVP helps business owners get a product that does what it says. The customers are more likely to send you feedback, helping you validate.
  • Evolution
    When it comes to MVP, there is always room for evolution. By keeping the core functionality, you can always update new features that customers ask for.