Scalable React Native App Development for Android & iOS

React Native Mobile Development For Innovative Business Growth

React Native (RN) is an open-source framework developed by Facebook. Cross-platform app development tools like React Native can save your company money as well as time. Aside from shortening the app development cycle (which in itself reduces cost), React Native allows JavaScript developers to create apps for multiple operating systems, with only a minimal amount of native code necessary. Unlike other cross-platform tools, React Native also ensures the smooth performance. Mobile apps built with React Native are known to be reliable and stable. It can be used to upgrade existing native apps. Though React is still in its tender stage, it’s maturing quickly and growing fast.

Advantages of React Native as compared to other platforms

  • Deploy to both iOS and Android
    Mobile UIs can be rendered in both the platforms and on top of that Facebook has made it open source to boost contribution from other communities which will support other platforms like Windows, Tizen, etc. in the future.
  • Native rendering
    React Native components are rendered as native apps thereby providing a faster and good performance as compared to the other hybrid platforms.
  • Easy reusability of code and integrations
    React Native can be easily integrated to the existing hybrid apps by using plugins especially to Cordova and Ionic.
  • Reduced time-to market
    Instead of building separate native apps for multiple platforms, you can reduce the cost and increase developer efficiency by launching a React Native app.

React Native App Development Service

Our agile React development team at Metic Tree Labs believes cross-platform development is the best alternative to fully native mobile app development. We're a React Native mobile Development Company based in Kerala with strong experience in delivering scalable, efficient and engaging native mobile apps using React. If you are looking to hire react native app developers to build cross-platform & native apps, we're your go-to partner.

Why Hire Metric Tree Labs?

We have completed numerous cross platform mobile apps using React Native for a wide range of our clientele. Highly scalable, super-performing apps are our forte. Talk to our team now and understand how our agile team can help you launch your React Native applications into the market in the shortest possible time.