React Development Company: Build Interactive UI Web Apps

React is a JavaScript library maintained by Facebook and Instagram along with a dexterous developer community. Launched back in 2013, React is used by some of popular businesses like Airbnb, Facebook, BBC, Dropbox, Reddit, Uber and many more. Over the years Metric Tree Labs has leveraged the benefits of this JavaScript library to build top-notch websites and applications.

Most dependable and dynamic React development

React is an amazing platform which is easy to use. Developed by the Facebook developer's community, this JavaScript framework is now the best platform for developing great looking user interfaces. When we build a website using react, our developers at Metric Tree Labs revel in finding out new creative ways, as React offer creative ways for developing user interfaces. As a React development company, the projects we have worked on React app development has helped us move into the next level.

Build single page application

There is no better platform than React, when you are working on single page applications. Users want their web applications and websites to load faster and be highly responsive. From our experience, we have seen that the projects we have worked on React has helped us build single page websites and applications that are responsive and loads faster.

Why choose React for your website development?

  • Build Great Websites
    React comes with plenty of tutorials and training resources making it very easy to use and develop faster. This JavaScript framework allows the developer to create interactive user interfaces that looks amazing.
  • Reusable Components
    You start your website with smaller components, which gradually creates more complex components. The best part is that you can re-use these components over and over again throughout an app or a website.
  • Faster rendering
    Like any modern JS engine, React is also pretty good at handling complex applications. React has an inbuilt virtual representation tool called virtual DOM which enable the developer to handle any incoming changes.
  • SEO Friendly
    Search engines usually do not prefer to promote website that uses too much JavaScript. React is capable of rendering and the displays virtual DOM as a simple webpage.

Why Hire Metric Tree Labs?

When it comes to developing seamless websites and applications using React, Metric Tree Labs has the expertise in crafting challenging React applications. We have worked with startups and small businesses across Kerala and have delivered great looking websites and applications in areas like sports, NGOs, Education and more.