Core Services - Web & mobile app product development company for startups and enterprises

Core Services

Website design and

We offer affordable pricing, industry-specific website development with the latest website development technology integration and scalability. Our web developers combine their expertise with the latest technologies to resolve your business challenges.

Mobile application

We design and develop mobile apps that impress your users and grow your business. We help startups, and enter- prises to create app products and help them to launch in the market. We simplify, strengthen, and trans-form
our client’s businesses.

User Experience

Our UI/UX design and development services are focused on creating inter- faces that make every digital inter- action a delightful user experience. We love solving problems by elevating user experience. our designers think beyond UI/UX.


Being the leading eCommerce website development company in Kochi, We build affordable and scalable ecommerce solutions that skyrocket your business. We use the best technologies to create ecommerce websites that make an exceptional customer experience.

Cloud App

Cloud computing is the future. Using the cloud for IT processes makes daily computing also easier. It helps to build and launch business processes using the latest technologies. Switch to cloud-based solutions now with the best cloud app development company

Enterprise Resource

Our ERP development services enable companies to have greater control over their resources, quick turnaround to new opportunities, and maximize profit. our ERP applications offer smooth functionality and improved productivity to the users.

Software as a service

we offer Custom Software Development services on all platforms using existing technologies. Our Team follows modern software development practices to deliver custom software products as quickly as possible.

Minimum Viable
Product Development

There is no preset formula for designing and releasing an MVP. we have helped a number of enterprises turn their ideas into successful and profitable products through cost-effective MVP development.


In-depth data-driven analysis is the fuel for a successful business. qualitative scientific analysis that gives your business the edge. With our data science, machine learning expertise, we help you solve real-world problems.

with great products come
greater responsibilities.

It is not a tiny feat to create a world-class product, launch it in the market, achieve the product-market-fit by competing with global products and most importantly generating revenue to succeed. Founders and companies often come up with great software product ideas with even better business and marketing strategies, but unfortunately, these end up failing toscale in the market because it was poorly developed and executed.

We understand the difference between building products and building scalable products

Software product development from day 1 should be focussed on solving real-world problems. Once a problem is solved, the software should support scaling up to support the business strategy developed by the company. At Metric Tree Labs, our software development services resonate with business success as we are experts in scalable product development and rapid deployment

Why does it make sense to work with us?

We obsess over planning and prototyping.

The customer journey is mapped from the initial stage by planning and doing interactive iterations of wireframes. We define, ideate, prototype, test, and refine to perfect the required requirement to achieve the perfect experience for the target customers

UX design first and iterations to perfect.

Once the user journey is mapped, our creative designers work on perfecting the prototypes into a visual design. As our client, you get to experience an interactive demo that enables the client to experience the app and make changes before even a single line of code is written.

Predefined transparent pricing.

With most companies, transparency in pricing is an issue and the clients end up paying a lot more than what they initially budgeted. We have no hidden charges and the pricing is transparent from day 1 thereby ensuring that there are no surprises in the future.

Flexible payment milestones.

It is extremely important for us that our customers feel comfortable at each point of their journey with us. To ensure this, we never ask for a full upfront payment and make sure we define a milestone-based payment structure well defined in the proposal.

Free support period after deployment.

Once the product gets launched in the market, there will be a lot of real-world scenarios where the product will require some fixes. The client may not be in a position to pay hourly rates for this and we provide free support for 3 months during which all the bugs will be fixed free of cost.

Confidential long term partnership.

We are here not to race a sprint but to run a marathon with you and this makes all the difference in a technology partner. We also sign non-disclosure agreements with you before you commit which makes your idea, intellectual property and technology perfectly safe with us.