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Minimum viable product development

Minimum Viable Product or MVP is a term popularized by Eric Ries, the man behind Lean startup methodology.

The main mistake that many startups make in their early days of inception is to waste a lot of time and effort in perfecting a product development based on just the founder’s assumptions rather than actual data on what would work in the market. This eventually leads to startups running out of capital and shutting down without achieving the product-market-fit.

Lean startup principles, in short, proposes a solution to overcome this by laying out a set of principles and practices that would improve the chances of success for a startup

At the forefront of this is the Minimum viable product, a product that has to be launched by the founder, not by assumptions, but that needs to be evolved from customer feedback. An MVP will not be perfect as it is just the first version that is used to validate a product idea. Once the product idea is validated using a Minimum Viable Product, it would pave the way for future product development.


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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development services

Over a period of time, Metric Tree Labs has gained extensive experience in launching multiple successful products for businesses globally. We have the right resources, operations, and tools to get your idea to market in the shortest possible time. Talk to our team to launch your MVP fast to market.

What makes Metric Tree Labs one of the best Minimum Viable Product (MVP)application development companies in Kochi, Kerala, India?

When it comes to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development, the founders should know that launching fast and failing fast is the key. When we say fail fast, that doesn’t mean that a company should fail. It just means that by failing an experiment, we have the key information to make the necessary change in our product and move ahead.

Software product development is a continuous, evolving process. To build a successful software product, you need a software partner who understands that MVP development is a sprint and once your idea is validated, it becomes a marathon.

At Metric Tree Labs, we understand this and our team shifts the gear with you when you want to sprint or scale which makes us the best MVP development company in Kochi, Kerala, India.