UI/UX trends that will dominate the software development industry in 2021.

With the digital boom, online businesses grow at a much faster pace. It is rather a herculean task to grab the attention of the users in such a peak of competition. The scenario is much complicated with the changing digital tendencies and users’ expectations. So in order to create a design optimized for the best first impressions, visual appeal and ease of use are the top driving factors for web and mobile users’.

To provide a quality user experience, UI/UX design is an area all entrepreneurs need to concentrate on if they ever want to make the company’s online presence stand out in the clutter. In order to create a unique space, you should be aware of the emerging user interface and experience trends that will dominate the software development industry in 2021.

Let’s delve deep into the emerging UI/UX design trends of 2021 in detail.

Dark Mode

One of the emerging trendsetters of web design in 2020 is the dark mode. Popular brands including Android, Apple, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp offers dark themes as background and has gained much popularity. They provide visitors with the option to activate dark themes as per user preference. So why is the dark mode in much demand? Here are the reasons for the trending dark mode’s theme:

  • It gives an ultra-modern and sophisticated look.
  • It highlights the background and design elements.
  • It saves the battery power of OLED/AMOLED screens.
  • It reduces the strain in the eyes in low-light conditions.

Many applications offer automatic switching to activate the dark theme whenever the users prefer. Ultimately, this trend has the potential to be the most preferred feature in 2021.

3D Elements And Immersive Experience

3D graphics and animation have been an interesting feature for quite some time. But as AR and VR technologies gained momentum in recent times, the popularity of 3D design elements is very likely to grow. To develop a whole user experience, combining these techniques can help the UI/UX development companies to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals.

By applying this trend, you could encourage your potential customers to spend more time on your website increasing the average session time. Visual appeal is an important factor to attract users, and this trend helps to achieve it effectively.

The success of 3D graphics implementation depends highly on the high performance of your website UI. To smoothly run the heavy content of your website, the platform should be fast-loading and well-optimized. Websites with low response time and lags are the key factors that keep the users to stay on a page.

Layers, Soft Shadows, and Floating Images

Customers or users’ are always drawn to websites that evoke positive emotions. This can be created by applying soft shadows and floating visuals on your website. Not only that, by applying these you can create a 3D effect on your webpage and show the depth in elements. This can be applied not only in graphics but also in videos, texts, images, etc.

Layering elements on top of each other is one of the recent trending things among UI/UX designers. It is often applied to enhance depth by creating a lightweight feeling and drown effect. And by applying this, your website can stand out from the cliche designs.

VUI / Voice Use Interface

To boost the online presence of your website, VUI or a Voice User Interface will be one of the hottest trends in 2021. Voice chatbots and virtual assistants can be effectively imbibed in the UI/UX design process to influence the way users to search and gather information. This trend has already been applied by some big brands like Google and Apple. By applying this human-centered design tendency, you can create a niche in your area. There is no doubt that this trend is going to rule in 2021.

Abstract Data Visualization

Data is an important element that cannot be neglected from tech- and production-oriented websites. But presenting the data like databases, tables, lists or any other formats gives the impression of an out-dated, tiresome, and unattractive website. There is no better solution than abstract data visualization to showcase the data on the website.

Adapting this trend to your business helps to get connected with ordinary people by simplifying your business information. This gives the possibility for the hardware companies to illustrate their products rather than listing the information. It makes data management a simple process.

UX Writing and Microcopy

UX writing is an emerging trend that creates writings with clear, concise, and only critical words, making it easy for users to understand the navigation information on the website. Quality products and impressive service are not enough for users to prefer a company. The users should feel like a part of the brand and its products. With the usual formal communication style and standard phrases, that will not be possible. Many of the companies have already changed their style of communication to an informal way with a pinch of humor. Changing the communication style not only develops a connection with the users but also creates a brand identity. It creates a unique voice for the company.

Microcopies also serve the same purpose, like UX writing by boosting your UI/UX design. It helps to individualize a brand and to create a unique tone. It helps you to connect with your users more efficiently. You can create an impact on your brand with the proper usage of the trend. So without a doubt, this trend is going to be a game-changer in 2021.

What’s Your UX/UI Design Trend in 2021?

A brilliant designer knows what works best and where to apply it effectively. Creativity is not something to think about within the rules. Trends keep on changing and you can be a trendsetter by breaking rules and creating unique designs with amazing user experiences that can convert into broader brand exposure and higher profits. Keeping track of modern trends is more than necessary to develop impressive UX/UI designs and create an impact.


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