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Mobile applications are inevitable for brands in the present decade. The online strategy of your business should be mobile-first, taking into account the advent of smartphone penetration in the whole world, especially in the developing world. Targeting your sales strategy is much easier now than 20 years back as you can directly reach the hands of a 10-year-old as well as an 80-year-old through a well built mobile application. But finding a good mobile app development company is a pain.

Mobile app development
Mobile app development

While planning your mobile app development, you should take a lot of things into consideration. The technical expertise of the mobile app development team should be at the forefront. Launching a mobile app should be process-driven and it is important to partner with the top mobile app development company that can align with your goals and timelines.

There are different phone brands and platforms available in the market and mobile technologies undergo continuous changes. The best mobile app development company in the market is the one that understands the technical complexities associated with launching mobile apps to multiple platforms

We provide these mobile application development services.

Native android was built on Java and native android mobile applications were built in an android studio on a java based framework. In 2017, Google started promoting Kotlin as the native framework for mobile app development.


As a business, if you are in search of an Android application development company with customers all over the globe and years of experience and established exposure, we are the one you are looking for.

Mobile app development

Being one of the best mobile app development company. We work with native android and Kotlin for mobile app development.

Developed by facebook and sustained by the worldwide developer community React Native has developed as one of the most modern libraries for varied and feature-rich cross-platform mobile apps across various niches.

React Native lets the developers build a native mobile application using React which is a JavaScript web framework. React Native is open source and very developer-friendly which has made it popular recently.

Mobile app development
Mobile app development


Mobile app development


Mobile app development

client-specified verticals

Mobile app development

customer-centric configurations

Mobile app development

Interactive interfaces

Being the best mobile app development company we do more than developing mobile apps, but create a brand identity for our customer’s app.

Flutter is a google promoted UI first framework or toolkit used to launch applications to multiple platforms like mobile, web, and desktop. The mobile apps built using flutter provide native performance and seamless UX and it makes a perfect option for mobile application development. With a rich widget, framework, and tools in correlation with other hybrid frameworks.

Mobile app development

Advantages of flutter mobile application development

Flutter supports app developers to create a great app for iOS and Android platforms. Talk to us to launch your next Flutter mobile application.

iOS native mobile applications are built using Objective C/Swift. Even though iOS has now moved to Swift predominantly, Apple supports Objective C and has no plans to cancel its support anytime in the future.

We are the best iOS app development company in Kochi, India with the perfection of drawing together reform, creativity, and coding expertise to develop the most advanced and business-focused apps according to your needs.

Mobile app development

Get in touch with us to build your native iOS
mobile application in Swift or Objective C.

What makes Metric Tree Labs one of the best mobile app
development company in Kochi, Kerala?

  • Budget-friendly development
  • User-friendly designing
  • Unwavering delivery schedule
  • Improvements as deemed necessary
Mobile app development
Mobile app development
  • Dedicated team for each project
  • Industry-specific apps
  • Secure transactions
  • Timely development

Superior processes, world-class user experience designs, rapid application development, and the best after-deployment services are the marks of the best mobile app development practices in place and we are proud to be one of the top mobile app development company in business today

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