Yalla Toys Driver Application

Yalla Toys Driver Application

Client Details​

Yallatoys is Qatar’s most celebrated online toys store with a distinguished way of delivering state-of-the-art toys and kids accessories across the nation. Yalla toys has been able to capture the hearts of kids and parents alike by setting the highest standards in product quality, customer support and shopping experience.






Web & Mobile

Business Requirement

The requirement of the client was to build a driver application for delivering yalla toys where drivers can enter onto the system and check the dashboard, view assigned jobs, reject them or accept them, modify order status, etc. A super admin will also be in charge of overseeing all of these tasks, including job assigning and onboarding drives.

Yalla Toys Driver Application
Yalla Toys Driver Application

MTL Solution and Approach

MTL proposed a solution and created a system for client to manage deliveries from a platform to enhance efficiency and deliver an exceptional customer experience. The various systems created are as follows:-

  • Mobile App (Native(KOTLIN)) for drivers where drivers may log into the app and monitor the assigned jobs, their dashboards, their earnings, accept or reject jobs, update order status,call/chat with customers, and optimize their routes.
  • A Super admin web panel where the admin can onboard drivers(internal and external),assign jobs,view reports,dashboard,orders and job statuses of drivers.

The product development was scheduled as weekly sprints with daily review meetings with the team and weekly demo and stand-up meetings with the client.

Application Features

Technology Used


Vue JS

Native Android (KOTLIN)

Service provided

Mobile Application Development

User Experience Design

ecommerce website development

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