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Client details

B2B Commerce is a Business to Business e-commerce platform which connects Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers and assists them with product distribution, management and sales.

Business requirement

The requirements of this project is to provide the stakeholders (Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers) with the ability to manage their business by enabling product purchase, stock transfer, order management and delivery.

MTL solution and approach

As the client’s business model was constantly evolving we adopted the Agile methodology for application development. The product development was scheduled as weekly sprints with daily review meeting with the team and weekly demo and stand up meetings with the client. The entire duration of the project was fixed for three months. The first month witnessed the completion of product and account management features. In the second month e-commerce features where implemented including order management and finally the third month concluded the project with reports, admin features, bug fixes and deployment.

Application features


  • Create Product Categories
  • Create Product Items
  • Order Management (Placed by Distributors)
  • Create and Manage Warehouse


  • Product Listing or Search
  • Results Page
  • Cart Page
  • Payment Screen
  • Order Confirmation Screen
  • Order History


  • Product Listing or Search
  • Results Page
  • Cart Page
  • Payment Screen
  • Order Confirmation Screen
  • Order History
  • Order Management (Placed with Distributors or placed by Customers (this can be outside Ecaps also)

Super Admin

  • Manufacturer Management
  • Distributor Management
  • Retailer Management
  • Order History Management
  • Prices Management


Technologies Used

Front end: React JS

ReactJS is used for the frontend, and it may be used to develop strong User Interfaces that run faster than other frameworks.

Back end: Django

Django, a high-level Python web framework that emphasizes rapid development and clean, pragmatic design, is used for the backend.

API Framework: REST

API framework is done in REST which makes the communications between the backend and frontend seamless

Database: PostgreSQL

The database is written on PostgreSQL, a powerful open source object-relational database system known for its stability, feature robustness, and performance.

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