Why You Should Use WordPress for Building Your Website.




Creating websites has become very vital in today’s world. From blogs to businesses to events, every active sphere of the biz world is now opting to create a space for themselves in the digital world. People are even opting to create portfolios and personal websites for better visibility these days. 

Inevitable technological developments have made it easier for us to gain access to creating and hosting websites effortlessly. To begin with, there are courses one could pursue when it comes to developing websites – even specialized ones for each stack chosen. There are a lot of web development platforms and numerous scripts frameworks to choose from these days. Also, there are a lot of things one needs to understand – basic concepts, terms, references, various technologies, and the pros and cons of using them. 

Most of us who are interested in web development must have come across various Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, and a few others at least once and will have heard about how this makes the whole process of developing a website much easier. Let us explore how this is and why WordPress is one of the best options you have on the front these days.


Now putting into a definition, WordPress can be defined as a content management system written in PHP, which was developed in 2003. Over the years, it has been regarded as the most used website publishing program in the world. A survey in 2018 showed WordPress powered 30% of the internet back then. Most of the services provided by WordPress are free of cost with an easily understandable and interactable interface. 

WordPress is most widely used for three of its major functionalities, that is :

  1. Theme Development
  2. Plugin Development
  3. Content Creation 


WordPress has one of the most user-friendly interfaces amongst any CMS that currently exists. A user can easily create, edit, manage pages, and post through the WordPress admin section. All the WordPress content is stored in a sequel database which is completely separate from any of the website code. WordPress development makes it easier for you when it comes to design themes for your websites. Even though almost all the themes are coded in PHP, HTML, CSS, or Javascript, in WordPress, you are always given the option for creating your versions from different template options provided. If you are good at creating or improvising on themes, you can even sell them on external sites. 

Now, if you consider yourself as a back end developer, ie, if you are comfortable with coding and scripts, you can completely mold your WordPress according to your imagination, design, and skills. You can create an E-Commerce marketplace, social media platform, slideshows, or whatever you want with WordPress development or web development using WordPress!

WordPress can be usually found as two separate websites,Wordpress.com and WordPress.org. You must know the different functionalities of each site.

WordPress.com is a web development platform that you can use to create and manage the content you require. WordPress.com offers you the easiest and the most simple techniques for creating and editing pages. It does not allow the user to edit the database or any file you host on the site. 

WordPress.org, on the other hand, is entirely different. It gives the user the option to download a free and full version of a WordPress software on your host or any other server you like. This feature gives you full access to everything and anything you will need from WordPress and then build on it. So, a user will be able to modify and edit any WordPress files according to their requirement and add more to it. This enables you to create your version of WordPress themes, plugins, or content. 


To use WordPress, you do not necessarily need experience or a proper understanding of web development. WordPress is a platform that helps you overcome these difficulties and finally lets you create the website the way you want with plenty of customization options to choose from.

The process has never been made simpler. Hosting services are also provided by WordPress making it one of the most efficient and easily understandable one-stop content management systems available.

With the increased usage of websites for commercial and noncommercial purposes, the usage of WordPress has also increased significantly over time. WordPress has brought an appreciable change in the field of web designing by simplifying the process for everyone and bringing in more and more people as well as businesses to the front.

WordPress is also considered a better option compared to its competitors as it allows us to change the code if required. This is a feature that some of the other platforms do not provide. There are some platforms that offer the same or similar functionalities but for a premium membership.

The usage of WordPress is highly recommended as it provides a free interface that helps you understand your work with less effort. The platform creates the pages you want using PHP and presents you with the code used in the website in a proper format with comments to help you understand every line of the code involved. 


Why WordPress Over Others :

  • Easier To Edit and Update

The content/pages that you create using WordPress can be exported if you want to. WordPress also enables easy submission and hosting of the page. This helps you to learn more and edit the content that you have in the way you want.

  • Mobile Affinity

Over 70% of the users are going to visit your platform through their mobile phones. What if your website format wasn’t compatible with mobile screens? There are a lot of consequences your website/business could face if it doesn’t provide a seamless experience on all devices. If your customer/target audience has any problem navigating through your website on his/her phone, it would give an instant bad impression. Google could even rank your website down if it doesn’t function well on mobile phones. WordPress solves this brilliantly – it adapts dynamically to any platform or device the user uses to visit your site.

  • Handing Over / Change of Ownership

There may be times when your website might be maintained by another developer or user and for some reason, you might not be able to use it for a while. On the internet, if your page is not responsive for a long period, there are chances it might plummet. As the owner of the website, WordPress allows you to modify or edit your site at any point in time – whenever you want. Hence, you will be able to keep your page as responsive as it was when it was developed no matter the number of developers working on it currently.

  • Built-In Blogging

WordPress provides you with a built-in platform for creating blogs. The blogging interface acts as a great marketing strategy. When you write and post articles or blogs, given the right keywords, Google will better rank your website. And the more this happens, it becomes very beneficial for your website and in effect, your business/service/profile. So you do not need to go someplace else for your blogs, WordPress has got it covered.

  • Time-Saving

WordPress provides an efficient and fast platform for developing projects (websites) with a professional touch. Hours and hours of continuous programming and learning can be now saved by using WordPress. This also brings about a significantly reduced rate in the number of faults that may occur in the code and hence, the performance of the page.

When thinking of a suitable content management platform for your business / personal requirements, you may come across numerous options like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and many others. Among these, WordPress undoubtedly ranks on the top with all the exquisite benefits that it brings to the table. Performance, UI, and functionality-wise, it is unparalleled. 

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